EVEREST ™ 12800​


The new greenhouse chapel FILCLAIR EVEREST ™ is now available. It is a model aircraft from 12.80 m with the possibility of opening on double gutter and paving on vault patented. An "A" surrélévation allows smooth operation of this type of opening for ventilation even more optimal for this new very large volume of emissions.

The new chapel 12.80 EVEREST ™ provides better ventilation and best fan volume with a gutter height of 6.00 m and a height of 8.00 m. Ridge Besides its high brightness, this greenhouse has ISOCLAIR ™ process, patented by Filclair to provide more natural light in the greenhouse and thereby avoid the gray areas, damaging a good crop development. The posts are 75 x 75 mm sections Z275G then wrapped galvanized coating of polyester ISOCLAIR ™ that saves 30% more light thanks to its great reflection!






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